RVA Youth Branding & Website

RVA Youth is a new initiative aiming to get people aged 16–24 involved in local volunteering.

The Brief

Reading Voluntary Action are launching a new initiative titled RVA Youth. It aims to make volunteering accessible to more young people by helping to break down the barriers some face to getting involved.

RVA Youth will offer time-based volunteering projects lasting between 10–40 hours to contribute towards a defined outcome. Both volunteers and organisations will benefit from the scheme. Volunteers will gain transferable skills and will be supported by mentors. Organisations will benefit from the insights and enthusiasm younger volunteers can bring. The brand aims to be appealing to both groups and the website makes it easier for supervisors, organisations and the volunteers to track progress and keep communication open throughout the project.

This project was completed as a team of 5. Together we worked on the branding. We worked to our strengths on deliverables, with me working on the website. More information on our research and the website can be seen in the report.

  • Skills Placement

    The skills placement helps you and your mentor to assess where you require the most help.

    The plotting of skills is taken place before the volunteer starts their volunteering project. They rate skills such as team work on a scale of 1–10. Skills with a rating of 4 or under will automatically be flagged so mentors can find projects for the volunteer that help them in areas they need help. They are also able to select skills they want to gain even if they are rated higher than 4 out of 10. At the end of the project they carry out the skills placement again to help them see where they have gained confidence.

  • Name
  • Name
  • Project Log

    The project log screen outlines your current project to help keep things running smoothly.

    On this page, the user has access to information such as contact details, badges earned and amount of hours tracked. They can also communicate with the mentor from the organisation and the RVA supervisor. Journals are also present on this page, and are important for recording and reflecting on development. Volunteers are recommended by RVA to keep their journals up to date, and will receive an alert if they fall behind.

  • Communication is key

    RVA Youth ensures communication is always accessible from the get go.

    Volunteers are able to communicate with organisations about opportunities they offer before applying to make sure it is right for them. Messaging supervisors and mentors can be accessed at any time on any page.

  • Name
  • Name
  • Volunteer Listings

    Key information is displayed in the listings and also enables discovery with tags.

    Information can quickly be seen to help determine if the project appeals to them, such as project length, location and tags. These tags can be clicked on to help find other related opportunites. Opportunities can be added to a shortlist so they can narrow down the search results, or talk to their supervisor for advice before applying. Search results can also be saved, and website alerts and emails can notify them of new opportunities they might be interested in. These saved searches can be found on the users profile area and can be amended.