Sourceful Website

Sourceful is a revolutionary new way to watch your favourite films and TV programmes

The Concept

Sourceful is a new website which aims to change the way people search for and watch TV programmes and films.

Sourceful allows you to search multiple providers, such as Netflix, all at once. Searching multiple sources in one place makes the experience of finding what to watch next easier. There is a feature allowing you to sync all the TV programmes and films you watch into one place called your watchlist.

  • The Grid & Tiles

    Several tiles combine to form a flexible grid. The bigger the tile, the more recommended that object is for the user.

    This grid system makes every page look unique to each individual. The content shown in the tiles depends on the page and the filters set. For example, the homepage tiles shows films, TV programmes and actors and actresses which can be filtered by recently added to the website. On the movie details page the tiles show quotes, videos, photos, trivia and cast members.

    When a user hovers over the tile, a blue overlay appears, and buttons become visible that allow you to find out more information at a glance.

  • Name
  • Interactive tiles

    The tile interactions enhance the viewers experience and allows them to get access to the information and functionality they want in an instant.

    Information such as ratings from IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes is accessible from the information icon. You can get more detailed information such as cast members, or play the film or first unseen TV episode. You are also able to add the item to your watchlist, or remove the item entirely if you do not wish to see it on the website at all. Removing items and adding them to your playlist determine what items get recommended to you.

  • Watchlist

    The watchlist keeps track of what you have watched automatically so you always know what episode you are on.

    As well as automatically adding TV programmes and Films you watch to your watchlist, you can also add TV programmes, films and cast members to your watchlist at anytime even if you have not watched them. You will receive alerts when a new series is released, and when an actor/actress you watch stars in a new show or film.

    The watchlist can be seen from any page on the website, and slides into view when the button is pressed. From here you can see how many items on your watchlist you need to catchup on, and you can also quickly remove items from your watchlist when needed.

    You can also filter the watchlist by how many episodes are left, and by genre etc by clicking on the filter icon.

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  • Video Player

    This streamlined, new video player brings a new feature allowing you to watch with friends.

    Do you regularly watch the latest series with your friend in your living room? You can set your account to sync with each other so when you watch the TV show, it automatically marks the episode as watched on his or her watchlist too, or just the current episode you are on if it is a one time thing.

    You can also quickly get an overview of the season including episodes you have already watched and see how many episodes you have left in the series.

  • Information pulling

    Everything you want to know about an actor or actress, TV show or film is pulled from IMDb including ratings and trivia.

    Information is displayed in the tile grid and is filterable so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Recommendations are also available based on information from IMDb and from tiles already added to your watchlist.

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