Music Branding & Packaging

Eden Stell are a guitar duo who are celebrating 25 years of partnership.

The Brief

Since they met at the Royal Academy of Music in 1988, Stell and Eden have released many CDs and perform all over the world in concerts, International guitar festivals and also perform concertos with Orchestras.

The duo's new music is transcribed from Federico Mompou's Canço i Dansas from 1921–1979 which was written originally for the piano. The album's biggest influence is Catalan folk music from Spain. Eden Stell needed branding for their new album release as well as the packaging design, video and gig tickets. A small booklet was also created to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

More information on research undertook and first drafts can be seen in the report.

CD Packaging

This uniquely crafted packaging has been designed to stand out from the general plastic encasing.

The unique folds in the packaging adds more interest to the branding and also allows the booklet to be held securely, without falling out. The cut out triangle on the left side of the album packaging allows for the CD case to be removed easily. A thin spine has been added to ensure the casing remains flat when closed.


CD Casing

The CD for the album is located in a separate casing to prevent it from falling out when not held upright. 

To celebrate Fredreco Monpou's original Canco i Dansa's, his portrait is on one side of the case, and a portrait of Eden Stell walking in Barcelona is on the opposite side. This helps reinforce that the album would not be possible without Monpou's originals. The triangular pattern seen elsewhere in the branding, is also present on the inside of the sleeve in bright colours contrasting the black and white photography on the casing covers.



25 years together is celebrated in this small ten page booklet with information and great photographs.

Details about the work Eden Stell have been producing since they met in 1988 has been collected and is detailed alongside beautiful black and white images. The photographs have been edited in Photoshop to increase contrast, and remove shadows and highlights. This results in the photographs looking like a set.


Tickets & Ticket Holder

Alongside the main CD packaging, a gig ticket and envelope was also required.

The ticket is designed to work well in one piece, and also when it has been torn by the stewards. All the information needed is also visible on the part that is kept by the user, meaning they can see the event information once they have entered the stage.

The ticket holder has been designed to keep the ticket secure. This is able to be posted without needing a normal envelope bringing the branding alive. The ticket holder also keeps to the pattern, colours and typography of the branding, enabling the interesting die cut to be used to hold the ticket in place during transportation.

  • TV Video Spot

    A quick 30 second video was also created to be shown on the Eden Stell website and on TV in order to tease their new concert playing soon.