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London Walks was founded nearly half a century ago and offer a variety of walking tours & day trips

The current London Walks website is cluttered with information resulting in information being missed and harder to find. Another issue with London Walk's website which I address is that it is not responsive, making it difficult for viewers on mobile devices to navigate the website. Three web pages have been focused on in this project, these include: the homepage, the schedule page and the walk information page.

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    Website Design & Branding

Information cards

Each tour has a card that appears in several areas across the website

These cards contain an image relating to the tour to show a visual representation, with further information below in the short description. The inclusion of both image and text aims to entice the reader to go on the tour.

Walks Schedule

The new schedule page removes clutter and introduces a clean and simple view.

Customers can easily access the schedule from any device either at home or on the go, and save walks they are interested in to their itinerary. They are also able to view a map of the meeting point without leaving the page.


Making it easier to find a walk is helped with the addition of filters.

London Walks has a large amount of tours to choose from, and looking at all of them will be time-consuming. The user can find tours that they will be interested in quickly with the new filters such as categories, keywords and walking ability.

Information page

Useful information for the user in a clear structure.

The strong visual image from the card is also used in the banner of the page in a larger size keeping the look consistent. The meeting location is easily accessible and tabs allow you to access even more details about the walk.

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