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The brief

It's important to stay connected and active as we age, My Activity Pal helps you do just that!

The app gives you suggestions and inspiration to keep you engaged, track your help and find fun things to do near you.

The creators of My Activity Pal came to me to help them collate their ideas and create a strategic plan for a well-thought-out app with powerful features and gamification.

I also created a brand identity for the company and. introduced a fun character called Max, who pops up from time to time within the app to encourage and engage the user.

Brand identity

After sketching some rough ideas, I created five different concepts for the logo. After presenting them to the team, we landed on what became the final design.

In addition to the logo, branding was completed with a few different versions of the logo, colour scheme, typography, and graphical elements.

The App

Once wireframes were finalised, several designs were explored which were appropriate for the audience and the brand before narrowing down on the direction and visual style. User testing was carried out testing the core features of the app including social, gamification, fitness, and brain training. The end result is a cohesive, well-functioning app to encourage a growing population to stay active and engaged with friends and family.

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