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An app for travellers to digitally craft, creatively express and share their travel experiences.

The end result of this project was a prototype to be shown during a presentation to potential stakeholders and to show the functionality to developers. The focus of the app is on sharing travel experiences and discovering new destinations. Viewers can explore by city to help plan their trip and can explore nearby once they are there to find gems nearby.

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Sharing experiences

Share your journey with other travellers through photos, videos and audio uploads.

Sharing journeys help other travellers discover the world with you, you might even influence their next holiday destination. People can comment on uploads, share them with friends and add the item to their wishlist to tick off when they next go traveling.

It's not one piece of media they can follow either, users can follow someone's whole journey if they have set the settings to public, meaning you can see what else the user has seen on their holiday.

The discovery feature

It is easier than ever to find new places of interest before you go on holiday to help plan, or whilst you are there.

When exploring cities, you can find out interesting facts and the best hotspots to visit. You are also able to view an activity feed based on that particular city.

You can find details about nearby restaurants, attractions and bars including photographs, reviews and menu prices.

Keeping up to date with other people's travels is also easy with live updates from the Pincloud community from all over the world so you are constantly inspired.

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