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Offering a better watching experience for TV and film viewers who use multiple streaming sources such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

  • Offers personalised suggestions across all the streaming sources a viewer uses (free and paid for) all in one convenient dashboard.
  • Keeps a history of what you are currently watching from all the sources all in one place - never forget what you are watching again!
  • Watch Game of Thrones with your friend? You can sync your watchlist with friends for tv series you watch together.
  • Get informed - Sourceful informs you when your favourite actors are in something new, and contains lots of information on everything TV/Film.
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    Website Design, Branding

Best feature

The personal touch

The website is constructed using flexible tiles that change in size and arrangement depending on the user, and the page being viewed. This creates a unique experience from page to page, and from user to user to add that personal touch. For example on the homepage when logged in, a tile showing the popular TV Show Game of Thrones may appear larger on your dashboard if you love science fiction, whereas it will be smaller or will not even appear on a friends homepage who prefers romantic comedies.


As well as automatically adding TV programmes and films to your watchlist as you watch them, you can also add TV programmes, films and cast members to your watchlist at any time to watch them later. You will receive alerts when new episodes are released, and when an actor/actress you watch stars in a new show or film.

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